#PujaSatornpan5k Race for Life 2018

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#PujaSatornpan5k Race for Life 2018

Every 2 seconds there is someone has been told that they have cancer. I’ve been there and it’s an indescribable feeling. For sure first thought is dead, yes it is! What I thought, it dreadfully came up in your head without a doubt and all cluttered thought on and on cloudy in your head. I could not think of how I have passed through all that period of my life. But here I’m one of the survivors which we’re likely to be called ‘tough cookies’( Basically, it was nearly crumbling down before 🙂 Let’s us focus on positively result, I’m here now with all helping hands, doctor, nurses, therapist, friends and family. <3

Cancer is happening right now, which is why I’m taking part in a Race for Life 5k to raise money and save more lives like me …

Some of you might already know or heard of about the story of my cancer. I can share a little bit here. I had been diagnosed with ACC (Adenoid Cystic Cancer) since January 2012 which had been cleared and currently, I can say I’m in a good health as others. This ACC type I had was the slow growth and carried out for about 15 years till the specialist found out, I was rushed to surgery to remove the bit out and follow up with radiotherapies. In total, I had 3 opts and 36 consecutive times of radiotherapies … .. Phew! I selected the banner picture which is the one took after I finished all therapy sessions, my face still sensitive because of radiotherapy side effect.

Mind you before or after my circumstance it’s not just about me it’s about us. We all must be heard of the story of people who had cancer or ongoing diagnosing but we’d like to create more survivors let do this. It’s a time that I could not be happier to take part of this great event #RaceForLife please support me by donating or sharing my page, together we can help more to beat cancer earlier.

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Every single pound you donate makes a difference to Cancer Research UK’s groundbreaking work, so please sponsor me now.

Donating through this page is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with Cancer Research UK.

By clicking on my page, you do not show only the support toward my 5k Race For Life you will also help to save more people in future.

Simply click the link here.

  • Click on Donate
  • Fill in your name and address
  • Check the Gift Aid box if you are UK tax payer
  • Pay by secured credit debit card or through your paypal account

If you’d like to do offline donate or bank transfer please drops me the comment, thank you.

With Gratitude,

Satornpan Puja Paennak