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Thai Food Hamper


Thai Food Hamper



Mae Sri Green Curry Paste    1 pc
Mae Sri Panang Curry Paste    1 pc
Mae Sri Masaman Curry Paste    1 pc
Mae Sri Green Curry Soup    1 pc
Lobo Tom Ka Paste    2 pcs
Lobo Tom Yum Paste    2 pcs
Aroy-D Coconut Milk     2 pcs
Chao Koh Coconut Milk    2 pcs
Lamthong Rambutan in Syrup    1 pc
Lamthong Lychees in Heavy  Syrup    1 pc
Lamthong Plam Seed in Syrup    1 pc
Chao Koh Longan in Syrup    1 pc
Chef’s Choice mango in Syrup    1 pc
100% Pure Coconut Oil     1 pc
Jasmin Rice Coated with Pandanus leaf Extract    1 pc
Lod Chong Madam Pum     1 pc
Chao Koh Coconut Water    1 pc