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Spring Home Roti Paratha Onion 5pcs 325g


One of the traditional recipes, roti prata is famous in Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysia, it is called Roti Canai. This is the Asian version of flat crispy yet soft pancakes and serves best with curry or just dip in sugar. Although western pancakes are desserts, roti prata is well just too filling to be categorized as a dessert. Roti prata is commonly sold in hawker centres, restaurants and cafes and the best are from the Indian shops made by the “mamak” (Indian man). Over the years, roti prata has evolves itself; there used to be roti prata kosong (plain prata) or roti prata telur (roti prata with egg) but nowadays you can order roti prata pisang (roti prata filled with banana), roti prata cheese (roti prata with cheese) or tissue prata (paper thin prata). Using the same dough, you can also make “murtabak” a big brother of roti prata with meat curry fillings, egg and onions. The spelling also differs sometimes it is “Prata” or “Paratha”.Spring Home Roti Paratha Onion Flavour and Suitable For Vegetarians. 



Preparation Methods: 
1. Remove a packet of Roti Paratha from the freezer. Do not defrost 
2. Peel off both side of the plastic sheet and place the paratha on a pre-heated non-stick pan 
3. Pan-fry each side on medium heat for 2 minutes or till golden brown. Serve the delicious roti whilst hot with your favourite dip.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour (50%), Water, Vegetable Margarine (Palm Oil, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers (E471, E475), Anti-oxidants (E320, E321), Butter Flavour), Spring Onion (8%), Onion (5%), Sugar, Salt, Raising Agents (E500(ii), E170(i), E450(i), Corn Starch, E341(i)).

Allergy Advice: Contains Wheat. 
Storage: -18 Degree C.

Product of Singapore. 


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