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Pine Brand Mung Bean Starch 500 G.


Mung Bean Starch 100% .

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Sarim or Salim
Ingredients Flour
Mung Bean Starch              1 Cups (100 g.)
Water                                   5 Cups (550 g.)
Ingredients Syrup
Sugar                                  2 Cups (400 g.)
Water                                  1 Cups (110 g.)
Coconut Milk                       1 Cups (150 g.)

How to make the Sarim (Salim)
1.Mixed green bean flour put bath water (Drops of food color)
2.Stir together until it begins to change color. See more clear
3.Except to enter the lap pressing salim (try with cold water) Soak in cold water while Tracy krachon drain insert Put the container
4.Stir sugar and water together
5.Pour Coconut milk (Candle-smoked)
6.Time to eat salim with syrup and ice

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