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DATU PUTI Premium Cane Vinegar 750ml


Cane vinegar, made from sugar cane juice, is most popular in the Philipines, in particular, the Ilocos Region of the northern Philippines (where it is called sukang iloko), although it also is produced in France and the United States. It ranges from dark yellow to golden brown in color and has a mellow flavor, similar in some respects, to rice vinegar, though with a somewhat “fresher” taste. Contrary to expectation, containing no residual sugar, it is not sweeter than other vinegars. In the Philippines, it often is labeled as sukang maasim, although this is simply a generic term meaning “sour vinegar.” Guaranteed Naturally Fermented Vinegar 5% Natural Acidity .

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Ingredients: Natural Cane Vinegar, Water.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid sunlight. 

Product of The Philippines. 

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