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Chaokoh Virgin Coconut Oil 180ml


Chaokoh Virgin Coconut Oil is extremely versatile. It is extracted from the coconuts using 100% natural methods. Uses for coconut oil include: Cooking & Baking: Replace your vegetable oils, olive oils, butters, with coconut oil. Tropicana 100 % Coconut oil is pure and suitable to consume for health and well being.  It is made from the best strain coconut from Tapee basin and produced by cold press production.  There is high lauric acid which is beneficial and healthy. 

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In trans fatty acid free and excellent digestion and metabolism in fatty acid chains containing rich coconut oil is oil subject attracting attention among health-conscious people.
Qixian coconut oil is extracted by cold pressed, hexane-free 100% virgin coconut oil.
As well as served in bread and pastry-making your heating dishes, such as stir fry, butter or shortening instead. It Also can use on body or hair.
Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

Ingredient: Coconut oil 100%

Product of Thailand. 

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