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Chang Frozen Vegetable Yanang Leaf 114 g


Bai Yanang Leaf 114g
Frozen from fresh
Product of Thailand
**Freshly Yanang Leaves 100g pack available at the shop every week**

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Yanang or Botanical name Tiliacora triandra (Diels) is one type of herb native to the South East Asian mainland. In traditional Southeast Asian medicine, Yanang has been used as food and medicine for a long time. In the Northeast of Thailand, people call this plant “Never get old for a thousand years”.

Yanang contains many health benefits that go along with its cooling affect. Yanang contains Vitamin A, B-carotene, Phosphorus, Polyphenols, Flavonoids, alkaloids, and minerals such as calcium and iron.

Benefits of Yanang include:
• reducing fever
• reducing pain
• balancing blood pressure
• stopping cancerous cell growth and tumor formation
• reducing body temperature
• reducing sugar level in diabetics
• anti-inflammatory qualities with ability to alleviate and cure gout and arthritis
• anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant

Yanang and Disease
Yanang has been known to relieve and cure a wide range of diseases due to its properties which make it a good herb for overall body wellness and balance.

Notable diseases include: Hyperthyroidism, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, gout, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, menopause, tumor, cyst and decrease the chance of cancer.

According to Mahidol University research, Yanang extract can stimulate the receptors that carry cholesterol to the liver but further study is need about reduction of cholesterol in the body, though this discovery might relate to the ability that people have associated with Yanang in curing heart disease since ancient times.

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Health benefits (More technical):
Curative qualities of Yanang have been supported by Mahidol university research.
Yanang extract contains Phenolic. According to the research “Phenolic Compound Content, Free Radical Scavenging Activity, and Genetic Relationships of Tiliacora triandra (Colebr.) Diels” by Napaporn Keawduangdee, Mahidol University, the amount of antioxidant in Yanang leaves is IC50 value of the Yanang Extract 549.72 μg/ml. Total Phenolics compound (TPC) in Yanang leaves is 4,348.40 mg GAE/g. Phenolics in Yanang are p-hydroxy benzoic acid, minecoside, flavones glycoside cinnamic acid derivative and monoepoxy-betacarotene.


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