Sale! SENSUAL Caffe’ Ground COFFEE by Fitness Coffee®
SENSUAL Caffe’ Ground COFFEE by Fitness Coffee®
SENSUAL COFFEE® Activated Sensuality for happy people SENSUALCAFFE' is a superb and sophisticated blend intended for those who want the best from the life and from the pleasure. The lovers of pleasant life will find in this coffee a superior taste and aroma thanks to the presence of the most exclusive coffee origins and natural herbs and spices that help to enhance sensuality. A blend that works on our mind/body/ spirit - addressing both physical and emotional needs. Enrich your romantic moments and share a cup full of sensuality with the one you love.
  • The revolutionary patented Italian roasted coffee with tonifying herbs and oriental spices.
  • Our daily life is ever more full of stress and empty of deep sensations: we work, we run, the time seems contracted.
  • Sensualcaffè may be your preferred cup of coffee during your best times: whenever you would taste with your partner a delicious beverage.
  • Simply brew it as your traditional coffee and feel the uncomparable taste of its aromatic herbs and spices,
  • It contains only slowly roasted Arabica coffees and whole micronized vegetal ingredients all recognized by the scientific community for their tonifying and beneficial properties.
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